Google Ads: The transformation of Google AdWords

Google Ads: The transformed form of Google AdWords

Google AdWords will become Google Ads on July 24, 2018. It is a transformation of Google AdWords. This new Google Ads will possess a new name, logo, product interface, will make betterments in the help center, billing and documents will be easy in Google Ads and many more improvements.

Google had started Google AdWords 18 years ago. The simple and transparent moto of Google to start Google AdWords services was to connect people and businesses with internet and promote it at the national and international level.

Google AdWords is the handiest and useful form of advertisement than any other advertisement alternate. If one has to search the best cardiologist in Mumbai or Digital Marketing Agency in Sikar. That person won’t approach Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media sites. He will directly go to Google or other search engine and search for the particular information.

Among all search engines Google is the best and strongest search engine. Approximately 95% people in India rely on Google to search or explore anything. Before Google Yahoo was the biggest search engine in the world. Google has struggled hard and defeated Yahoo to become the unrivaled king of search engine.

People go to Google to attempt various types of searches these are-

  1. Navigational Search
  2. Transactional search
  3. Informational search

If anyone has to fetch any information regarding these searches, he/she will directly search on Google, not on the social media site. So the significance of Google AdWords needs no words of admiration.

Google Ads: A new Form of Google AdWords

Google Ads

The new Google Ads offer and help marketers connect with people finding a response on the search for videos on YouTube, searching for new places on Google maps, searching content and more.

Google Ads is doing an extra effort for small businesses. It is introducing a new campaign type. It will provide easier online advertising. The machine learning techniques of Google Ads to find the desired result without heavy lifting.

Stronger collaboration with Google marketing platform: Google is preparing a blend of double click to advertise and google analytics 360 suite to provide a platform for easy advertising.

Google Ad manager: A unified platform Google is unifying double click and double-click Ad Exchange together to enable publishers to work more easily and efficiently.

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